Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

There's always so much promise in the first day of the month

Today was the first day I've felt like a writer in a while, mostly because I actually stuck to my plan on how I want my writing to go. I didn't get a ton of words actually written--though more than I have been--but it wasn't supposed to be a day of that in the first place anyway. I'm not giving it up. Partially because I can't get involved with the movie group right away. The first meeting is next week, and I can't go because Craig will be in Seattle. I haven't ruled it out, but obviously it will have to take a back seat. I'm gone for half the month of April as well, so it would be irresponsible to commit to something and then not be available.

But it was a productive day in other ways, too. I got on the bike for a bit this evening, not long because I still have biker butt and I'm trying to build up my resistance to the pain so I don't give up, and got a long workout at the gym. Obliterated my step goal for the second day in a row. Which I need because the scale is pissing me off this week.

And it's the first of the month, so time to change the default icon. The random pic this time is Connor from How To Get Away with Murder, which I got for Christmas and haven't actually used yet, so yay. :)

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