Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Looking forward to the weekend

My FIL is on a plane back to England right now. My house feels empty without him.

We are off to DundraCon in the morning. A weekend of gaming, woo hoo! We're being smarter this year. I bagged up fresh veg (carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and celery) and fruit (clementines and bananas) for each of us for each day, we'll have a cooler with bottled water, and there's bags of jerky, packages of sandwich crackers, and mixed nuts with fruit to round it out. We might end up having to eat dinner out, but at least this will keep us from buying unhealthy stuff during the day.

And a little TV...

As much as I love Viola Davis, I'm not sure I was completely sold on Annalise's breakdown. I think it's going to depend on how the secrets unfold for the next few episodes. And Frank and Laurel are growing on me. Other than that...we'll see.

Damn it, they're going to screw up Liz and Tom. I knew I wouldn't get what I wanted. There's too many Liz/Red fans out there (which creeps me out, no matter how much I love James Spader). I can't stop watching, of course. There's still too many damn secrets.

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