Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I could sleep forever

I am so flipping tired.

Alicia's party went off well. She didn't have a clue so she was genuinely surprised, and we had a really good turnout. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing, and the fact that she wanted to make sure she spent time with everyone meant her best friend and her boyfriend who organized the whole thing and made it happen got a little short-changed. She had to go to a Super Bowl party with her boyfriend but came home just before the game ended because she was exhausted and still had homework to do. I just hope the boyfriend doesn't take it personally.

On the negative side, all I did was eat all weekend, which was both great and guilt-inducing because my weight is up (of course). I worked out tonight as well as took a long walk this afternoon, and food was better, but it all feels like too little too late. I know it's not, but it still feels like that.

Part of my day was lost at the vet. Bruiser, our cat who just had the thyroid treatment in December, lost a fight with the other two cats Saturday night. We woke up to a lot of blood smeared in the bathroom, and a very cowed Bruiser. He wasn't limping (just walking carefully and wouldn't let us look too closely at his right rear leg), and we couldn't find the source of the blood (the other two cats were perfectly fine), so we declared it a non-emergency and waited to call the vet until today. X-rays showed the tender leg had serious inflammation in the knee. Nothing broken or ripped, thank god, and no visible abscesses. So he's on an antibiotic and painkiller for the next couple days. Fingers crossed it should be enough.

There's more, like Alicia starting tryouts today for JV softball, and how much I love Black Sails, and the fact that I think I'm finally going to be able to start writing again, but I'm too tired to keep on going. It's not even ten and I'm probably going to head up to bed. For someone who doesn't usually call it a night until 11:30, that's a big deal, lol.

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