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A much better place...

OK, just got back from seeing Craig at his office and am in a much better place, mentally. Wanna know why I love this man so much? I pull up just as he's getting his luggage out of the cab dropping him off. WHen I get out of the car, the first thing he does is pull me into a huge hug and gives me a kiss. Before I can break away however, he holds me out at arm's length, looks at me very pointedly up and down, and says, "You look skinnier."


Without me having told him about my being good since Saturday.

So, OK, yes I wore my favorite push-up bra under a top guaranteed to make me look good, so maybe he was slightly distracted by my breasts in his face, but still...

God, I'm a big pile of goo. I don't even care anymore that Mother Nature is a bitch with sick sense of humor.

Which is good for Buffy and Spike because now I'm in a place to write that shower scene. :)

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