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Books update - 2016

My reading for 2016 has started off slowly, and I'm behind schedule, but it's time for me to start recording here so here goes...

1. The Battle Sylph by L.J. McDonald: A fantasy romance about a world where magical creatures called sylphs are called from another plane of existence and bound to humans. In this first book, a ritual is interrupted that kills the king's son and binds the battle sylph to the girl who was meant as the sacrifice. This was recommended to me a few years ago by somebody who loved it, and while I could finish the book, it really wasn't worth pursuing the series. The heroine is flat and it takes a long time for the pace to pick up to keep it interesting. POV was a bit wonky in places, too. It's clear she meant it to be limited third, but she slips often enough to jolt me out of the prose. Plus, it's one of those stories where having sex is what turns the heroine into a queen. Annoying. All I liked were some of the secondary characters, two of which are the focus of the second book, but I checked the reviews on that one and the same problems I had with this are present there so I'm passing. - C-

2. The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas: Fantasy about a female archaeologist who collects bounties to pay her bills after all her patrons die or disappear. She gets sucked into an adventure when one particular bounty sets her off on a course that could end the world as she knows it. I very rarely buy books for their covers, but I have to admit, I did with this one. The author had cover flats in Promo Alley last year at RT, and I couldn't help but pick it up. It was stunning, the colors and layout and everything. So I bought the book and kept my fingers crossed. While I enjoyed it enough for what it was, I'm not going to bother continuing with the series. I liked the heroine, and the pace is relentless, but it's one of those books that throws the protagonist into problem after problem after problem, none of which she rescues herself from. Someone is always rescuing her instead. That, and the fact that she probably needed a better editor (it wasn't horrendous, but there were enough mistakes for me to start getting annoyed), made it a mediocre read. - C+

3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: Do I really need to summarize this? I think I'm the last person on the planet to have read it. I'm especially aggravated with myself for taking so long because I absolutely loved it to pieces. I loved the prose, I loved the characters, I loved how clever it was in its unconventional storytelling. I was a wreck when I finished, though. - A

I won't list out books I didn't finish, just keep a running tally. So far, that number is only one.
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