Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Update on the weight loss

Fridays are my weigh-in at Weight Watchers, and I am *finally* back to where I was before Christmas. I probably would've been there sooner if I hadn't been derailed by all the crap with my writing after New Year's. My sleep hasn't been great for a couple weeks, though I'm hoping that my improved energy the past couple days will start changing that.

But I sat down today to consider the overall picture of my weight loss this time. In the three months (and a week) since I started at WW, I have lost 21 pounds. That includes Thanksgiving, Alex's birthday, Christmas, and New Year's, so actually, I'm incredibly satisfied with my progress. I've been trying to focus on non-scale successes, which has been working to a degree, but seeing that number in relation to all the food I've consumed over those special occasions is so gratifying, I'll admit.

There are clothes victories, too. I'm down a full size and I'm creeping into the next size down, which is good. Well, except for the stupid way my body loses weight. Seriously, I lose it all off my butt and upper thighs before anyplace else, so I have pants now that fit right in the waist and are so baggy around the butt and in the crotch, it's almost ridiculous. But I'm doing well, and that's what matters. I'm getting healthier and stronger, and it's going to only get better from here.

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