Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A day of excellent entertainment

Alicia was out this morning for the interview and speech portions of her Academic Decathlon team, so I decided to go to a matinee of The Revenant with a friend. No spoilers, but I'll agree with the general consensus that it's incredibly intense, beautifully shot, and most likely worthy of the Oscars it will get. I don't know about best picture, DiCaprio actually deserves it for this performance, and if it doesn't get cinematography, something is seriously wrong.

Black Sails premieres tonight, so expect squeeing some time soon. I've been caught up in reading Billy Bones meta on Tumblr of all places, like this piece about whether or not he's a virgin. (I'm totally buying into that theory, by the way.) We also got caught up on Agent Carter, and man, I like it even more this season than I did last. So much goodness in this show, and how much do I love Peggy? Too much for words.
Tags: black sails, movies, television

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