Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I can't post if we don't have Internet

I didn't mean to go three days in a row of not posting. I'd already decided to take Sundays off unless I had something I absolutely had to share, so that was one. Then, on Monday, Craig and I went to a last minute 10pm showing of "Spotlight" so I was too tired by the time I got home to post. Then yesterday, our Internet went down in the evening, so that put the kibosh on posting then.

So here it is Wednesday.

Our theater brought Spotlight back after the Oscar noms came out, which is good because I missed it the first time around. Such a solid movie without pandering to a lot of the trappings that could've come from the material. Seeing the adult victims relive the experiences was more than enough, especially when they were viewed so sympathetically. I was most impressed with Mark Ruffalo, actually. While I've always thought he was a good actor, this might be the one performance that really tipped him over the edge for me. His physical commitment to an everyman type of role, where he's specifically there to blend into the background in order for the story to take the front and center position, was top notch. Any other year, and I think he'd stand a real chance at winning the Oscar. Too bad he's up against Stallone. (And honestly, if Stallone doesn't get it because of the backlash against Creed, then it's Tom Hardy's, for having a truly phenomenal year.)

I'm not entirely sure why Rachel McAdams got nominated, to be honest. I kept waiting for her to do something interesting, but I didn't see much of anything that I haven't seen from her before.

In fandom news, signups have opened for shipswap. It's been a rare pairing ship swap in the past, but they lifted that restriction this year. Merlin/Arthur was nominated, as was Buffy/Spike (as well as other ships in both fandoms, and a whole slew of additional fandoms). Assignments aren't due until April 19th, and you can do art as well as fic, so if you're looking for an exchange, check it out.

I also saw today that camelotremix will have signups start on February 1. As scary as it was last year, I'm all over this again. Seriously, I think it really pushed me in ways I don't get pushed very often, and I'm really proud of the story that came out as a result.

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