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Snowflake Challenge 2016 - Day #11

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Day 11

In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself.

This is hard. I'm still being uber critical of myself these days, so trying to find things I like without a qualifying "but" makes me want to not do this challenge at all.

But I know that's not healthy, especially since this is something I *can* do even if I'm reluctant. So here goes.

1. I like that I'm intelligent and can learn about a wide variety of subjects very easily. It had its problems growing up (being the smartest kid in class--and a girl--in a rural community leads to a lot of bullying and mean girl antics), but it's been more of a plus than a negative in the long run. While I often wonder what would've happened if I'd pursued academics instead of creative fields, I don't regret my choice in the least because it's led me to my life today. That being said, I'm convinced I would've *rocked* med school and been an excellent doctor because...

2. I'm a great listener. Granted, this skill developed as a result of being too shy to actually talk but I like that people trust that they can tell me stuff and I'll actually hear what they're trying to say, and be empathetic in the process.

3. I like my organizational skills. I have no qualms about claiming my hundreds of spreadsheets that keep my life--and my family's lives--safe from chaos. I'm proud of them. They keep me on time (a trait I greatly admire in others because to me it shows respect), they keep me from panicking when life gets too overwhelming, and they make it possible to include more in my life than I might otherwise. Some people might think it's a little insane to alphabetize your spices, but when I can find fennel seed in two seconds and they are still looking for theirs two minutes later, who's really the crazy one? ;)
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