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California, here I come...

So, here's the latest:

Craig needed to go to the US the week of 17th for business reasons, right? Well, since we got the sale finalized on Monday, I've been going mad at looking at apartment complexes and e-mailing them about availability and such. My short list was 107 complexes when I was all done, mainly because when Craig first did this kind of thing 6 weeks ago, he couldn't find a single place that had availability for a 3-bedroom.

Well, I got a whole lotta responses, much to Craig's surprise. Since he'd have to put a deposit down on something when he went over in 10 days---just to make sure we didn't lose it---he suggested last night that it would be better if I came with him on this trip, because a) I'm the one all the complexes have been dealing with and I'm *very* familiar with this process, and b) that way, I'd be happy with what ended up getting selected. I wasn't sure about the idea, merely because I didn't want to abuse his parents' hospitality in taking the kids, but he took it upon himself to call them and ask. And lo and behold, his mother---who, in spite of some of the hardships I've been putting up with since all this was announced 6 months ago, is one of the nicest people I've ever met---said sure, let Sigrid go for the full week (I'd originally suggested only going for 3-4 days). So, knowing the kids would be taken care of, he hit his boss up for playing for my flight. Which not only happened, but John also approved our flights back and forth in May and June.

So, now I'm going to California on the 17th. Whee!

Sometimes, I think my life is on permanent fast forward... :)

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