Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Mockingjay, part 2

Last night, Alicia and I went with friends to the Mockingjay double feature. Because when it comes to Hunger Games, I don't like to wait.

The early reviews haven't been great, but for someone who's enjoyed the movies, I had a blast. It works best when watched with the first one, frankly. I can see how some people would have problems with pacing or mood if you look at in individually, but the two other women who were with me were both sobbing through it, and the one who didn't read the books was on the edge of her seat.

The big question, of course, was how faithful it was going to be to the book. was. I'm actually really glad it went to all the places it did, and if it had to shortchange some areas because of changes they made before, well, that's what happens. On the plus side, we got more Effie, which is always good. And the ending was just right. Even though reviewers are complaining about it ending multiple times, but that's only because it's being faithful to the book.

Maybe the only annoying thing is the blink and you miss them roles. It feels like a waste putting Gwendolyn Christie in for one scene, for instance. And it's hard to connect with Annie when we get so little of her because they're focusing on action.

But I got my closure, and we all had a blast on our girls' night out. I put most of the HG Funko Pop dolls on my Christmas wish list (I don't want Snow; poor Donald Sutherland, but I can't even listen to those damn Simply Orange commercials anymore because he creeps me out too much). Fingers crossed I actually get one or two. :)
Tags: hunger games, movies

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