Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Books update

Finally, books that weren't a total waste of time...

56. Vince and Joy by Lisa Jewell: A British chick-lit book about two people who lost their virginities to each other, and how their lives entwine over the next almost two decades. I fell in love with it at the very beginning, as Vince is at a dinner party with friends who are relating their first times. The characters felt real, and I adored both Vince and Joy and the people who came in and out of their lives. While I was sometimes frustrated by their indecisiveness or inaction, I didn't care. It was quick and satisfying and a great antidote to a lot of the books that left me so angry recently. - B+
57. Dark and Stormy Knights edited by P.N. Elrod: I bought this anthology for the Jim Butcher story, which was fun. It's a collection roughly about "knights" (in Butcher's case, it was about Marcone, which was *fascinating*), and I knew going in that there would be authors I might not enjoy. I couldn't finish two of the stories (out of nine). Of the remaining seven, I actually enjoyed only four of them. Not a great ratio, but frankly, that's about my average when it comes to anthologies. - C
58. A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson: Romantic suspense about a former CIA assassin and an FBI agent who's been searching for her missing twin for eighteen years. I really like this author. I've enjoyed other work of hers, and this was no exception. The morality is gray, it's well-written, and the heroine (for the most part) isn't TSTL. - B
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