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I've been binge watching Weeds over the past couple weeks. I never watched the show when it aired and had only a vague knowledge of what it was about, but it came up as a possibility to watch when I finished my last show, and in a moment of weakness, I tried it out.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I finished all eight seasons in just over two weeks. In my defense, there's only a dozen or so episodes each season, and it was a half-hour program, so...yeah, still embarrassed. And the thing of it is, the characters were so over-the-top, it wasn't like I was relating to them or anything. Or dying of laughter.

But the entire theater of the absurd that it presented grew on me, so that by season 4, I had strong feelings about a lot of the characters. Needless to say, Nancy Botwin is an awful, awful person. I couldn't stand her by the time the fifth season ended and partially continued to watch in hopes she would get what she deserved. People were left in wreckage in her misguided path, including her poor kids. Shane might have been creepy as hell, but she's responsible for a lot of that. And poor Silas. He annoyed me in the beginning because of the whole teenage angst/rebellion thing, but he was by far my favorite character at series' end. Andy was a close second. Thank GOD they didn't end up together. One of the first things I did when I finished the finale was head over to AO3 and look for fic, but a) there's only 29 stories there, and b) most of them are Andy/Nancy which, just no. It's definitely going onto my possible list for yuletide next year.

Alicia walked in during one of the episodes and said, "So did you pick this show because he looks just like Arthur?" She was referencing Silas, who was blond, blue-eyed, and strong-jawed. In my defense, I hadn't consciously recognized the similarity, but, um, it's definitely there. I prefer Bradley, but then I discovered the actor who played Silas (Hunter Parrish) also played Jesus in Godspell in NYC and he's got an absolutely gorgeous voice.

The soundtrack is now on my Christmas wish list, lol. I might be a little obsessed. ;)
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