Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Back on the elliptical

I went back to the gym tonight. It's been way too long, but I'm overdue and it doesn't do me any good to keep procrastinating. I'm rather proud of myself, actually. I didn't get to doing the weights, but I did my full time on the elliptical instead of stopping when I wanted, so go me. :)

I got back to it for purely selfish reasons. We had our video conference yesterday with our friends who come and spend Thanksgiving with us. They're arriving earlier than usual, which meant instead of ordering in on Wednesday night because of time constraints, I'm cooking. Lasagna. And not just any lasagna, but a variation on Pioneer Woman's which has three pounds of cheese in it. I kid you not. Friday, we opted to do a themed night instead of more comfort food, so that's all about the Indian. On the plus side, a couple of the recipes are my standbys and pretty healthy. On the negative, I'm bound and determined to find a great recipe for onion bhajis so we can have those to go with the samosas and naan.

Basically, I need to lose as much as I possibly can by the 25th so that our indulging for four days doesn't completely ruin my weight loss, lol.
Tags: exercise

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