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Three weeks back on WW, and I'm down 11.8 pounds. Thank god. I'm now officially down what I gained this year, so everything from this point out is putting me back on track to getting healthy.

Yuletide assignments went out today, and I'm more than a little excited about what I get to do this year. I decided to sign up for the pinch hit list, too, and I've got a short list of letters that I'm considering treating. Fic is just what I need right now. The muse has been getting stronger, which means I get to finish one more gift first and then get to more fun stuff.

Though Halloween is tomorrow, I'm currently in planning mode for Christmas because last night was an organizational meeting for our local charity that handles giving out dinners and gifts to needy local families. I've missed getting involved in previous years except to donate, so this year, I decided to be more proactive about pushing my way in and finding ways to volunteer my time as well as physical donations. This type of charity has always been insanely important to me. When I was a kid, after my father abandoned us, my mom had to turn to our church two years in a row in order to help with Christmas. The third year, she was finally starting to get onto her feet financially (it sucked being a single mom with four kids and a deadbeat ex, let me tell you), so she turned it around back on us. "They helped us when we needed it," she said. "So now it's our turn to pay it back." I have never forgotten that, even when my asshole ex tried making me feel like crap for buying groceries for needy single moms at Christmas time when I was barely making rent.

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