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Fic rec

Someone just rec'd a story over at BBF, and as the kids are having their naps, I took a few minutes to read it. And now I'm bringing it to your attention, because I enjoyed it so much. However, since it's S5 of Angel, I'm putting it behind an LJ cut for my non-American, non-spoiled friends.

TITLE: Lost in the Supermarket by Lint
SUMMARY: Wesley. Illyria. Grocery shopping.
LENGTH: Short story

I adore Wesley, and reading this broke my heart because he's put himself into the most awful position. He's teaching Illyria about living, and just as she's having problems adjusting, he's having problems coming to grips with it himself. What makes this so painful is that it can twist in any direction at any given time, and you just don't know.

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