Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Friday checklist

My life has been so boring lately, it's hard to be motivated to post anything other than fic recs. I have a books update to do, but that requires thoughts I can't manage at the moment.

I got my sign-up done for Yuletide, finally. I was having problems narrowing down what I wanted and what I was willing to write. My requests made me realize I watch far too much television, lol. Last year, I requested 3 shows, 2 movies, and a book series. This year, it's 1 movie and 5 TV shows. Oops. I did steer away from things I got gifts for in the past so I could get new stuff, though. Does that make me greedy, lol?

In the weight loss news, I've thrown myself into WW 100% and lost 8.6 pounds in the first two weeks. I'm rather chuffed, if I do say so myself. So what do I go and do today after I weighed in? I saw an article about Cookbook Clubs and asked my friends to start one with me. Ha! Basically, a Cookbook club consists of a group of people who meet once a month for a buffet-style party, where each attendee has made a dish from the cookbook chosen for that month. It sounds like a *ton* of fun, and my friends are really excited about it. The only drawback is that I'd like to start at the beginning of December and they all want to wait until January.

This weekend will be spent writing. The mojo is slowly coming back, operative word: slowly. At least it's finally Friday. I spent half of Wednesday wishing people a good weekend before I realized it wasn't Friday yet. :P

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