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2015 Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, and most importantly, thank you! I love this concept, I love getting fic as presents, and I'm incredibly grateful for anything I get. The fact that you are willing to write in something I love? Makes you so awesome I can't even begin to show how much I appreciate it.

I've put some of these details up on my sign-up, but hopefully you want more so you've come over here. As a reader, I’m pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Even when I have a primary ship on a show, I tend to multi-ship and even do a lot of rarepairs. Most of the time, that's because I fall in love with fandoms because of ensembles and ideas rather than a single character. Most of the time. There are exceptions. I read all ratings and most genres, though I’ll admit, fluff tends to be a hard sell for me. I love plot, the plottier the better, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, either, so no worries you can’t go in that direction if you want. Het, slash, gen…it’s all good. What draws me most into stories is strong characterization, original ideas, and solid writing. I don’t like to read the same old/same old, which is one reason why plot is always such a seduction.

I have a real soft spot for outsiders/lonely characters. They get to me almost every single time. Going dark is not a problem at all, whether it’s sexually, via violence, or angst. That’s not to say I go looking for it, but it does work for me a lot of the time. I love a great action scene, banter, and breathless kisses.

Things I dislike…number one has to be character bashing. I hate it. I don’t like vilifying characters for the sake of making others look good. It happens a lot in shippy fics, usually in trying to get rid of a canon partner or because the writer just hates the character. I’d rather the character got written out of the story completely than left in and painted in a poor light. I’m not fond of crossovers, unless I’m explicitly comfortable in the fandoms, and specific tropes like mpreg, tentacles, alpha/omega, and magic sex make me roll my eyes. Also, 95% of the time I backspace out of fics that headhop, so please don’t do that.

About my fandoms:

Pretty in Pink: This is one of the seminal movies from my teenaged years. I just recently rewatched it, only to discover myself watching Steff (James Spader) more and more. PiP is the movie that made me start noticing him as an actor, and while I later became a huge fan, I never really gave much thought to his role here.

What I noticed on my rewatch? I think there's a hell of a lot more to Steff than we're given. When Andie comes out to her car, Steff is waiting at his, and he deliberately shoos everybody away to approach her. I think he actually genuinely likes her. Yes, his approach is slimy, and he always takes the asshole route by lashing out when he gets rejected or hurt, but I felt sorry for him. Look at the two people he likes the most. Blane, who has this vulnerability and goodness about him, and Andie, who has so much inner strength he sees it from the very start of high school. He's drawn to these people who he probably thinks are so unlike him. Deep down, he probably wants to deserve them, and when they reject him, he hurts them in ways he does best.

I'd love to see some kind of Steff/Andie fic that addresses this or even finds a way to give them an HEA. You know Blane didn't last. He wasn't nearly strong enough to handle Andie in the long run. And maybe Steff and Andie don't work out, but how much could he get himself tied up in knots trying to make it happen? Or if they did hook up, what the sex might be like? So. Many. Possibilities.

Humans: Man, I loved this show. And who broke my heart the most? Leo. I want Leo fic. Anything. I ship Leo/Mattie, but his relationships with the synths, especially Max and Mia, are equally important to me. Anything that explores any of those aspects would be wonderful.

Call the Midwife: This show has always made me cry. It's heartfelt without getting too sappy (I mean, c'mon, a Christmas special where the hope comes from not having a bomb explode, lol? Only the British can get away with that.), and the characters feel genuine and real. While I adore most of the ensemble, I'm mostly interested in reading about Chummy. I love her heart, her awkwardness, her determination. Maybe you want to write about her childhood and her relationship with her mother? That's wonderful. Maybe you want to write about her marriage and her own child? That's wonderful, too. The world needs more Chummy fic, no matter what form it takes.

Mad Men:I love how damn smart this show was and especially how fascinating all the characters were. I don’t even really like a good majority of them, but they intrigue me to such a degree that I don’t care. Everything has a meaning. Nothing is left to chance. I think about this show long after the episode has ended.

I have shipped Peggy/Stan almost since he was introduced. I never thought for a million years they would actually go there in the end, so unlike some people who thought it was all rushed or out of character or out of the blue, I LOVED their ending in the series. The only problem is, I want MORE. I don't care what aspect it explores, whether it's while they're friends, while they're just co-workers, or long after the show has ended.

Black Sails: I'll be honest upfront. I only started watching this show because I adore Tom Hopper. I loved him as Percival on Merlin, and holy crap, I loved his Billy Bones. My knowledge of the character outside of the show is superficial as I haven't read anything about him since I was a kid, but I adored the angle they took here. A good man, sometimes doing bad things, torn up from the moral choices he's been given.

But I fell in love with the show as a whole because of Flint and Miranda's backstory that we got in S2. I've since read some heartbreaking fic about Miranda's marriage to Thomas, what happened to Thomas after they left, and more, and it's only deepened my appreciation for these characters. I would love anything that explores any aspect of those relationships, or maybe fix what happened to Miranda on the show, or maybe choose an entirely different angle by throwing Billy at them.

iZombie: This show is crack. I don't do zombies generally, but this is so much fun, I can't resist. I'm wide open on what I could get here, mainly because there are so many possibilities, but the core of the show to me is Liv. I was very angry they killed off Lowell, so maybe you could fix that. Or give her a case with Ravi and Major playing a big part in solving it. Or...I don't know, the possibilities are endless. I would ask, however, that it doesn't get any more explicit than it does on the show. This is the only one of my requests that I'm specifically asking that you don't write graphic sex/kink. Fade to black if you want to get intimate, please.

I hope all of this helps in some way. Basically, I'm a romantic at heart who knows that the world isn't always a very nice place. We are stronger because of the adversity we overcome together.
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