Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Time for me

I've got writer's block in the worst way. Though I've had more time, I haven't written a single word in almost five days. Not good. I probably need the break, but part of me feels that if I stop I won't start again.

I think part of it stems from my desire to do some caretaking of me for a change. I'm usually on the back burner. I'm the first one to admit that. But with Craig's success on the healthier diet (he's down 30 pounds in the past 10 weeks), I've recommitted myself to getting the weight off, too. It's not that hard with our diet as long as I stay on top of it. And right now, I *want* to, which for me is usually half the battle. And I'm reading fic every day for the first time in ages. It started out for Rectober, and while I'm not finding a ton that's blowing me away (not surprising, I've always been incredibly picky about what fic I read), there have been a couple that have blown me away. I miss that. It's good to have it back.

It helps that I don't have any professional commitments right now. I'm collaborating with one friend on a short novel, but that's not due until December and the back and forth nature is suiting my slower pace. I've got fic I have to write, though, including a fluffy Arthur/Percival piece that I'm writing for a bingo prize. I've got the idea for that one and everything, so it's just me being distracted by other stuff that's slowing me down there. Not to mention my Merlin Holidays gift. I loved the prompts I was given, so again, I need to not be distracted by real life.

Maybe it's not so bad that I'm distracted by me right now, though. If it's gotten this bad that I feel like I need it, I probably *really* need it.

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