Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Home with a rant

We are home and returning to life. Tomorrow. Tonight, the kids have sleepovers and I'm doing superficial things like getting caught up on Pinterest. And watching Project Runway in a few minutes. The kids have another week of break, but Alicia returns to physical therapy tomorrow and has marching band practice all next week so it's not really 100% relaxing like the past few days have been.

Of course, it would've been nice not to come home to hear about the awful tragedy in Oregon. One of Craig's cousins commented on Facebook about how sad it was the US had another school shooting and that we should really do something about gun laws. The comment I left, agreeing with her but saying that the American sense of entitlement chokes any progress getting made, sparked snarkiness from someone in America she knows somehow, and it pissed me off to the point where I very nearly engaged. Thankfully, I didn't.

But seriously, how many people have to die before something gets done about it? Do I think it's possible to remove all guns? Do I want to? Not really. I grew up in gun culture. Half my family still hunts every winter. I don't want to strip away rights, but that doesn't mean we can't buckle down on stricter laws.

I'm tired of the arguments. None of them work for me. People argue that bad people will find guns anyway, so why do we need stricter laws? By that reasoning, why would we need laws at all? The troll on the cousin's FB post tried deflecting to the mental health issue. Yes, mental health diagnoses and funding are problems and should be addressed, but demanding a mental health registry (which seems to be the most common solution provided) wouldn't work. We already have a stigma attached to mental health issues. Do you really think that demanding you get publicly labeled will encourage people to seek treatment? It won't. It'll drive them further into denial and hiding.

I saw someone else argue that it was actually Oregon's fault for not allowing people in that are to have guns, that armed citizens means less violence. Seriously? How many armed citizens have put a stop to any of the hundreds of mass killings in the past few years?

Gah. I could go on. And on. It absolutely infuriates me. But I won't.

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