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Books update

46. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel: Another graphic novel memoir, this one about a woman and the relationship she had with her dead father. I bumped this one up after hearing how some Duke students refused to read it for their summer reading. It was brilliant. I actually teared up at one point, and there were more than a few quotes I made a note of. - A
47. Omnitopia Dawn by Diane Duane: A multi-player online roleplaying game is about to rollout a major upgrade, but hackers and enemies are plotting to ruin it. So much promise, so little satisfaction. I love geek stories, but this was corporate espionage wearing a geek mask. It spent too much time on details that were completely unimportant and took over half the story to get something interesting. I should've given up early, but I kept wanting to believe in the best. I was wrong. - D
48. Confessions of a Prairie Bitch by Alison Arngrim: I grew up on Little House on the Prairie. The books, the TV show, incorporating both into our imaginary games. How could I not read Nellie Oleson's autobiography? As it turns out, Alison Arngrim is someone I wish I could be friends with. She was funny and real and I adored every second of what I read. - A
49. Barefoot in the Grass by Judith Arnold: Category romance re-released by the author after she got her rights back. The story of a breast cancer survivor from NYC who moves to a small New Hampshire town to start over after her mastectomy. There, she meets the sexy local construction company owner. It's typical Harlequin fare, so not really challenging. I liked it well enough, but the constant rehashing of the reasons they couldn't be together got REALLY boring after a while. - C
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