Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Things fall behind when life gets busy

I've been lax in posting this week because it's been hellish.

On Sunday, I baked cookies. A lot of them. This was a high point.

On Monday, Alex and I got into the car to take him to school and were assaulted by a horrific smell. Alicia's sport bottle had tipped over in the passenger footwell, wasn't sealed well, and pretty much soaked it through. The smell was likely mold or mildew already starting to form. When I got home, I spent over an hour sopping out the water with towels, scrounging for extension cords, discovering plus in the garage weren't working, and trying to find a fan that could blow on it all day. I finally got to go inside to start my breakfast, realized we were out of milk in the house, and went back out to the extra fridge in the garage to discover both that and the upright freezer had been off since the night before when Craig had pulled down cookie tins. Apparently, he knocked the power strip and unplugged them both. I wasted another hour discovering this was the source and trying to fix it. I didn't get my first cup of coffee until almost 11. This was the tone for the rest of the day.

Tuesday was better because of guitar, but I got very little done. I spent the afternoon packing cookies so that we were ready to head to the high school at five. I baked 20 dozen of 7 varieties to sell at the band/choir concert, the table of which we were working. They went over really well, but I still came home with six dozen. The kids binged because I'd been stingy up to that point, and I took most of the rest to neighbors this morning.

What sucked about Tuesday was somehow managing to burn both my arms taking dinner out of the oven. No mishaps during cookie baking, but roasting chickpeas and broccoli proved to be harder than it should've been. I have a quarter-size burn on the top of my left forearm, and a three-inch square burn on the underside of my right forearms. Don't ask me exactly how I did it. The logistics completely escape me, too.

So today, I've been dealing with the burns, along with the a very painful zit on the back of my ear that came out of nowhere before I went to bed last night. Dinner was a disaster, and I'm currently trying to improve my night by watching Love Actually. I'll probably have to turn it off soon, though. Alicia will be home from marching band practice and Craig wants to watch Stargate. They're on season 7.

Wow, that all sounded whiny. I don't feel whiny. Just...tender.

Time for some online Christmas shopping, I think. That makes everything better.

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