Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Catching up

I have spent most of this past week sick. Tuesday afternoon, I started running a fever and I ended up sleeping most of Wednesday and Thursday away. By Friday, all that was left was some mild congestion and a cough that won't quit, but at least I didn't need multiple two-hour naps just to get from getting up to bedtime. I'm sucking down cough drops like they're going out of style, and I can't do too much without completely exhausting myself, but at least I've been able to do a bit more in the past couple days.

One of those things was making this raw kale salad. I mixed it up yesterday afternoon, but my first impression was that it was too mustardy. However, it was supposed to sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour, so I didn't touch it again until dinnertime. By that point, the mustard had mellowed considerably. It was absolutely yummy. The acid in the dressing softens the kale to make it more palatable, too. Even Alex ate it. There was a little left over that Craig had for lunch today, and he says it's even better the second day. I highly recommend it.

I finished up Peaky Blinders while I was crashed on the couch and started watching Luther. In spite of my initial reservations about Peaky Blinders, I ended it completely enthralled and eager for the next season when it arrives. Cillian Murphy still creeps me out a little, but his Thomas Shelby was completely mesmerizing to watch. In a way, it filled the hole Sons of Anarchy did. A completely violent family with twisted family values. It just happened to be set in 1920s England instead of modern California.

And Luther. Ah, Luther. I have waited far too long to watch this show. Man, it's good. This is another one I'm going to be very sad to see finish.

Tomorrow, Alicia and I are going out with her BFF to go shopping for BFF's homecoming dress. Alicia already has hers. It's stunning. Then, we're coming home to grill. Lamb steaks, tri-tip, ribs, and veggies, with a Thug Kitchen bean dip to snack on with chips for the kids and celery/carrot sticks for me and Craig.

In the meantime, I would really like to stop coughing. It's annoying.
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