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I think I used up all my goodwill vibes from the past couple weekends because life has caught up with me again and knocked me on my ass with a 100+ temperature and a migraine that just won't go away. Craig was a lifesaver and brought the kids home early for me, so yay him.

And do you have any idea how psychedelic the colors are in Finding Nemo when you're hopped up on meds? Pretty...

At least I'm caught up on stuff. I've already gotten over 50 nominations at LLGA, so thanks to everyone who is nominating. Can never have too many though... :)

My lips are tingling. Stupid being sick. Not even tingling from something good like too much kissing.

And I tried watching LotR again last night. *sigh* I'm just a freak or something, because I just can't finish the first movie. Bo-rrrring. I must be the only person on the planet who can't get into it.

OK, maybe I should get off now. It's taken me 15 minutes just to write this one message. For some reason (most likely the meds), my fingers feel twice their size and refuse to work properly.

Oh! But we have good news. We've managed to sell the house, so that's one less thing to worry about. Unless of course they back out. But not thinking that. Being positive. Focusing on positive thoughts.

Like getting rid of this stupid fever.

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