Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Pretty in Pink

Alicia isn't feeling well and didn't go to her PT today so she could come home and rest. She curled up on the couch to watch a movie and so Pretty in Pink went in, which she has never seen.

Now, Pretty in Pink is one of those seminal movies from my teenage years. I've seen it a *lot*. I adored Andrew McCarthy, wanted a Duckie in my life, began my long-lived fangirl-ing over James Spader. I was never actually a big Molly Ringwald fan (my sister was the one who thought Andie was IT), but that didn't matter.

And yet, today when I was watching it, I found myself obsessing over Steff, James Spader's character. Yes, he's the villain of the piece, but it hit me the first time we meet him just how much he *really* liked Andie. I mean, look at it. He was sitting in his car, which he most likely deliberately parked in front of her because you know she wouldn't choose to park behind him if she didn't want to, waiting for her to come out to the car. He shooed everybody away just so he could approach her on his own. Yes, his approach is slimy, and he always takes the asshole route by lashing out when he gets rejected or hurt, but when I watched the movie this time, I couldn't help coming back to Steff time and time again. I felt sorry for him. Look at the two people he likes the most. Blane, who has this vulnerability and goodness about him, and Andie, who has so much inner strength he sees it from the very start of high school. He's drawn to these people who he probably thinks are so unlike him. Deep down, he probably wants to deserve them, and when they reject him, he hurts them in ways he does best.

I was so obsessing over the possibility of Andie seeing the possibility in Steff, I actually went to AO3 to see if there was fic like that. There wasn't, not really.

Which means, I'm now requesting Andie/Steff for Yuletide.

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