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I was at Redbox last night and saw they had Northmen, the Viking movie that Tom Hopper did, so of course I went and rented it.

The basic story is that there is a group of exiled Vikings who end up getting shipwrecked, their leader dying in the storm that strands them. Hopper plays his son and assumes the lead. On their way to safety, they find a noblewoman and decide to hold her for ransom, especially when they discover she's the king's daughter. The only problem is, the mercenaries the king sends for her don't want to rescue her, and it becomes one long chase.

The reviews on it were middling, justifiably so. It's gorgeously shot, and the story isn't bad, but the action is muddled, and the characters are rather flat. I will be the first to admit I didn't rent it for the Oscar performances, though. I rented it for this:

And this:

And for that, oh my yes, it was worth it.

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