Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

We're definitely not starving

Diet changes are going well so far, though my body is still adjusting to it. From what I've read, it'll probably take a week or two for that to even out. I just have to endure it until then. On the plus side, though, the scale is dropping and my hips have been good in spite of not being able to get to the gym the past week. There's likely not a very strong correlation, but there's nothing like feeling good about health stuff to keep me motivated.

Because I can't eat a bowl of oatmeal every day, I tried out a breakfast bar to eat on the days when I don't. It does have oats in it, but not as much. The kids weren't keen on it, but frankly, I thought it was really tasty and surprisingly sweet. A serving is really filling, too, which is a bonus. My friend L wants me to do smoothies, but frankly, I can't. They don't fill me up, and I'm eating again an hour later which completely defeats the purpose. I might have to try a veggie stir-fry at some point to mix it up.

I did find a couple of food blogs that look promising. Helyn's Healthy Kitchen has a TON of recipes that I want to try, and the Vegetarian Times seems really interest.

Tomorrow, I get to try another Thug Kitchen recipe, a roasted beet and quinoa salad. My kids both love beets, so that will be one we all eat.

I'm on the hunt for an eggplant recipe to try next, because when I stopped at Trader Joe's after Alicia's physical therapy this afternoon, they had some beautiful ones on sale for cheap. Alicia's disappointed it means no eggplant lasagna, but that's just too much cheese and we're not doing that. There's a couple promising ones in the archive at one of the blogs, but I think I want to sit down with the new cookbooks and try something out of there.

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