Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Veggies are good for us

We're making some food changes around the house. In our bid to cut back even more on processed foods, we're going far more vegetarian, leaning toward vegan in a lot of instances, with our meals. I can't give up meat entirely, but we've agreed to doing it only on Sundays (with the option to add it one other day a week if I'm really craving something). I can't do the weird substitute thing most vegans do, like nutritional yeast for cheese or tofu for meat, so it's more of a natural way of eating than anything else. Like tonight was components that we all put together differently. I did jasmine rice, a black bean/onion/tomato mixture, and steamed broccoli. Craig took a bit of all three and ate them individually, I had essentially beans and rice, and the kids made themselves burritos. Win/win all around.

I'll get to use more of my Thug Kitchen and Forks Over Knives cookbooks now, too. I'm looking forward to that. Plus, Craig bought another one for me to start trying.

It certainly can't hurt, and I imagine our grocery bill will balance out between adding more produce and eliminating more meat.

If anyone has favorite vegan or vegetarian food blogs that they love, I'd love to have the links!

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