Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,


Oh, man, I'm glad I stuck with this show...

I watched last night's episode at lunch today and was crying by the time it ended. Now, in my defense, I might be a tad hormonal and thus more inclined to tear up at nothing, but damn, the whole scene where Mia came back and Leo got his surrogate mum again had me by the throat. I'm loving all of the nuanced performances. Gemma Chan is stunning. She plays the automaton Anita so well that her transformations in those gasps is just as startling on this side of the TV screen as it is to the characters. William Hurt, who in all honesty I have never been particularly fond of because I always found him a tad wooden, is heartbreaking and real. Colin's Leo is broken and yet not. His choice to physically play Leo like a broken puppet was an excellent one.

I could go on.

Like how Joe is such an asshole.

And Niska is a little terrifying.

And Max has the best smile ever. I cried when he sacrificed himself for Leo, too.

And that they made Mia a surrogate mother to Leo and not a girlfriend. What a great twist. I was totally in the camp that thought it was a romantic relationship, and nothing could make me happier that it's not...

...though it would've been nice to see Colin play that.

Who else is watching? I'm a little annoyed because I discovered today that AMC is cutting scenes that aired in the UK. Not cool, AMC. Not cool.
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