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Lots o' news...

1. The couple who showed up unexpectedly on Monday put an offer in on the house yesterday. However, the estate agent told Craig not to accept it as a) he thinks it's too low, and b) the couple still has to sell their house. It's currently being put on hold to see what happens.

2. Craig's visa has been approved. However, the lawyers don't have the hard copy yet and told Craig not to schedule his interview at the Embassy until they do. So, all that's now on hold until it arrives.

3. Craig was asked to go to California on April 19th. The company wants him there for some big client meeting stuff, and said that with the date so close to when he was supposed to be moving, he should just make that his move date. However, that decision is on hold because of the visa issue (see #2) and the uncertainty of whether or not Craig will have his passport back. This all goes back to the whole Craig going out ahead of me thing, though now he says that if he goes, I should come with him and he'll fly me back for James in May. Which seems excessive to me, and common sense is screaming at me to tell him no, but my hormones and selfishness are going, hell yeah.

4. Date night has been turned into taking Craig's parents out to dinner night and talk about the upcoming move. Joy.

I have to admit, I woke up in a foul mood this morning, but I'm a bit more cheered up because of this hysterical post I saw on Rules for Naming Your Child in the Fandom World. Quite a giggle for my fellow Buffy fans, if you haven't already seen it. :)

At least my house is quiet. The gutter guy will be showing up some today to clean them out, and Craig is picking up the kids from nursery because of the car being in for its MOT. So, I'm just going to write (and I'll have a Legions chapter to post later today), and get ready for the LLGA awards announcement tomorrow (I hate having to wait to tell everyone who the winners are; I'm not the most patient sort when it comes to these).

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