Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Grammar question

Question for the grammar nazis, because I can't find a definitive answer anywhere and it's driving me batshit crazy.

Standard English syntax is SVO (subject-verb-object). OVS (object-subject-verb) has been colloquialized as Yoda speak. My question is regarding the latter.

If you invert syntax to start a sentence with a single word direct object, with nothing else coming between the direct object and the subject (and its modifiers if there are any), do you separate the direct object via a comma?

I know and have found support for the separation of an inverted direct object if the direct object is a phrase or clause, but nobody seems to agree (when I can even find the variation) on whether a single word direct object merits the same punctuation. I have found examples of both, but none of them are from what I would consider a creditable source.

Seriously, I wasted an hour trying to find a definitive answer to this and it's given me a massive headache. It stalled me out on editing something because I couldn't resolve it to my satisfaction. Because yes, I really am that anal. (Craig gave me grief about not being able to let it go, stating nobody would likely notice anyway, but the fact of the matter is that *I* would.)

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