Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

This time I'm really back

Remember me? I feel like I've dropped off the Internet for the past month. There's been time spent in NC, car trips back and forth to Seattle from San Francisco, and my birthday in there, as well as drama with one of my publishers and problems with my family.

But I am home now, and I fully intend to get back to my schedule, which means buckling down and getting all the writing done that I've had zero time to get finished in the past month (I fear my artist from the Merlin Reverse Big Bang hates me since she probably thinks I've disappeared, too). I just want my routine back. And no more traveling drama. Seriously, flying back from NC on my birthday was the single worst experience I had with flights in all my life. I woke up to my flight being canceled, and when they tried to reschedule me for the next day, I called up and got rebooked into a two-leg trip that night. Then, on the way to the airport, I found out that the first leg was delayed, which meant I no longer could make the second leg. So at the airport, I moved the second leg to a later flight. Before I managed to make it home that night, those two legs of my flights had been delayed a total of SEVEN times. I ended up getting into San Francisco at 2:30am, when I'd originally been scheduled to arrived at 9:30pm. I do not want to go near an airport for a long time.

Not that life calms down. Alicia leaves on Thursday for drum major camp in Sacramento, returning on Sunday, then starts school on Tuesday the 28th. Alex gets his braces tomorrow and Tuesday, then starts school on Monday the 27th. But at least that's all here at home or in my backyard, so I'm not going to complain. Plus, I'll be sharing carpooling for Alex with three other parents this year, so that's going to be easier.

I think I'll just pretend July didn't happen this year, lol.

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