Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Movie Night

Movie night in Casa Harris. Taken 3, because Craig loves these Taken movies, and Jupiter Ascending. Cheesy, corny fun, but the whole time I kept thinking, this is just a scifi romance novel. Heroine of seemingly base origins who has sudden greatness thrust upon her. Hero of every trope imaginable. Fallen warrior. Half-lycan. All alone. Hot with gadgets galore. The whole thing could've been picked up and put into a book and not missed a beat.

I got the Penguins movie for Alicia to watch tomorrow. She's been a teenager the past couple days. Up and down. She's getting anxious to get to her class in Seattle in two weeks.

Today was also haircuts day. I got three inches lopped off and the color brightened. The new cut is asymmetrical, and what I asked for, but it's taking a little while to get used to. It'll be better when I can style it on my own.

We might go see San Andreas tomorrow. We love disaster movies in this family, and while we're excited about Jurassic World, none of us love opening weekends.

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