Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

16 years and Mad Max

Today was my 16th wedding anniversary. Craig and I already agreed not to exchange gifts or cards. I don't need stuff. When he asked, I told him all I wanted was time alone with him. Simple, but valuable. We ended up going out to dinner and then seeing Mad Max. Which I loved and he did not, but oh well, lol.

The credits started rolling, and it felt like I'd been holding my breath for two hours. The pace is relentless, the over-the-top touches to the world-building adding an edge of bombastic laughter to ease the tension, and the visuals just stunning. I knew going in that it was one big chase scene, but I wasn't quite as prepared for how hard Hardy and Theron would hit me as characters. The slow build of respect and reliance they gain for/on each other is stunning to behold, and that they do it with so little dialogue is a true testament to how powerful they both are as performers. Each can do more with a single cutting glance than a lot of other actors can do with a page-long speech. My heart was in my throat for both of them throughout most of the movie.

Alicia's doing better, thank goodness. No fever today, though she spent most of it resting. Only one more week of school for both her and Alex. This year went by quickly.

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