Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

At least it's Friday

Alicia stayed home from school today with a fever. End of school has really caught up with her (they're done in a week), though at least she's got the weekend to rest and recover. Wednesday night was the music awards, and she received a number of them, including lettering. The teacher shook everybody's hand, and twenty-four hours later, she's sicker than a dog. Proud mama, as well as worried mama here.

I got back to doing weights last night, and my thighs are killing me today. It's been a month, and I feel every day of it. I'm off until Sunday, to give the muscles time to recover. I can't let it lapse this long again. My lower half is very pissed at me.

I signed up for trope bingo at merlin_writers and got my card today. Because I have so much time, right, lol? Actually, my productivity has gone up recently, and I can do drabbles and short fics, so I'm staying positive.

My DVR is so light. I intended to record Aquarius this week, but missed it. Did anybody see it? Is it worth it?

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