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Is it time to go to bed yet?

Well, I've managed to get my e-mails down to about 20 I have yet to respond to, and i_digress_uk, I'll be calling you soon, hon. And I'm completely wasted.

To top it all off, 45 minutes ago, as I'm getting the kids situated with dessert, someone knocks at my door. Turns out to be someone who was scheduled to come around and see the house at 5:30, except nobody bothered to tell us about it. They were really nice about it, and since the house really wasn't that bad, I said if they could give me 10 minutes, they could see it. And then as soon as I closed the door, the phone rang with the estate agent on the other end trying to tell me about the mix-up. Sigh. So I did what I could and showed the house minus Craig, and tried not to muck it up too badly (I don't know some of the answers to their questions, like the council tax and the double glazing dates and such).

Craig got home just as they were leaving and I have no idea what they might have thought about the house. We had Craig's birthday cake when he walked in the door (because it didn't happen before we left) and now Craig is saying that since he's already been bad with the cake, he wants to order Indian for supper instead of having the salad I fixed. And what's so bad, is that in spite of my willpower to be good, I'm so tired right now that I'm going to let him, though I probably won't eat anything.

At least it was gorgeous today. Had a lovely afternoon playing football and tag with Alicia in the garden while Alex got totally filthy in the sandpit.

Oh! And I got a new toy this weekend, a digital dictaphone to record all my writing thoughts when I can't write anything done. Too bad I couldn't focus on either of my WIP's in my head this weekend. When I did get thinking time, I couldn't get my mind off my post-Chosen fic that I want to do next, and the play idea that struck me out of nowhere on Saturday afternoon. I really have to buckle down if I want to have a chapter to post this week.

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