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Reading update

I meant to do this after I got back from RT since I got a fair amount of reading done on the flights, but then life happened, and my half-sister, and this is the first chance I've really had.

23. Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur: A contemporary m/m erotic romance from Samhain, one of my publishers. At its core, it's about a cop running away from the grief of losing his boyfriend who meets a young man in his new town who does a lot of odd jobs, and romance ensues. Standard fare, in a lot of ways. A lot of people I know loved this, but it didn't work for me. The melodrama and angst was just too over the top for me to buy into. Every time one secret came out, another got worked into the mix. They felt like soap opera characters, which I don't mind when I care about them, but, um, no. - C-
24. Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher: Unsurprising I read a lot of romance on the trip. I've had this for a while, but I haven't had good luck with the author (which makes me sad, because I love Jim). This one's the start of a paranormal series about sentinels who live in this world to protect humans from this demon species. It's insta-love (which I hate), and obsessive male behaviors (which I don't mind if they're done right, but this guy was an asshole), with nothing original about the set-up. - D+
25. Hired by the Cowboy by Donna Alward: I'm a little embarrassed to admit I do occasionally read a category Harlequin. This is one of those. Which means it was sweet, predictable, with just enough headhopping for me to notice but not enough for me to care about stopping. This one in particular was about marrying to get to a trust fund, and then, surprise surprise, they fall for each other. Still, it was sweet. - C+
26. The Bane by Keary Taylor: Dystopian YA about cyborgs taking over humans, and the humans who are just trying to survive. I almost gave up on this one so many times. It's riddled with technical errors that just hurt. I mean, come on. She misspelled forty as "fourty," even on the chapter numbers. It got rave reviews, but that just affirms my belief that people are essentially dumb when it comes to the English language. And that's not even getting me started on the whole love triangle crap, which is why I hate so much YA in the first place. I only finished it out of curiosity how it would end. It's the first in a series, but there is no way I'm reading more. - D-
27. Captured by S.J. Harper: The novella prequel to a longer series about a fallen siren who works for the FBI and the werewolf partner she's attracted to. Not bad, actually. Being a novella, it's meant to be short and just a taste. I'll be continuing on with the series. - C+
28. The Woman in the Photograph by Mani Feniger: The memoir of a woman who went on the search to find out the story of her mother, a German Jew who escaped before everything went to hell. I'm a sucker for stories about WWII/the Holocaust/the Jewish experience, so I had high hopes for this one, but it didn't ultimately work well for me. It was interesting for about the first third, but the author's obsession with all the minutiae, even long after she had answers, grew tedious, and her writing style didn't engage me enough to care about her much at all. Such a shame. - C

I had a few DNFs mingled in there that I didn't keep track of.
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