Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Mad Men finale

First. OHMIGOD. Stan and Peggy! It screamed wish fulfillment, but OHMIGOD. If nothing else, I finally got satisfaction on my favorite ship in this show. I loved Stan's confession. I loved that he came running as soon as it sounded like Peggy might say something back. I love that he loves her in spite of everything. And I love that it happened over the phone. Gah.

Second. I was sobbing at the look on Don's face at the end of his conversation with Betty when she said she wanted things to stay exactly the same, which meant his not being there. That whole conversation was devastating.

Third. Joan doing what's right for Joan. I liked her sugar daddy well enough, but this was never going to work out. Now she gets what she really wanted all along.

Fourth. Roger finally takes care of Kevin. But I really could've done without more Marie. That's one relationship I don't see at all.

Fifth. More sobbing with the conversation between Peggy and Don.

Sixth. I was pissed at the thought of Don ending at the commune, but then they cut to the Coke commercial, which was always Don's dream and it was so much like the feel good of the commune that I've decided Don went back and created it.

Very, very pleased. And of course Betty was smoking while she's dying of lung cancer.
Tags: mad men

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