Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Someone said it felt like Friday today, I could only be so lucky

Craig is now in Barcelona until this weekend, which means I'm not sleeping well. Or much. I got a lot accomplished last night as a result. I even got to watch Mad Men as it aired.

I got nervous when Don touched the window that it was more foreshadowing of his suicide at the end, but the possibility that he's just going to disappear and reinvent himself again is more than good for me. I would buy that. I'd even like it. Just don't die, Don. That would not make me happy.

And how awesome were Roger and Peggy in this episode? Her swagger when she finally walked into McCann might've been one of my favorite moments for her in the whole series. And Roger gave her tentacle porn! And there was roller skating!

I do feel bad about Joan, though. I know it's realistic. And I know it wasn't a complete defeat. Except she deserved better than that.

Alicia got some more good news today. She's been appointed to several positions on the band council for next year. Nothing on her own, thank god, but she still has a lot more responsibility than she did. Plus her class treasurer duties kicked in already with their first fundraiser with their new advisors tonight. It's kind of scary how much money they need to raise for the big senior ball. And their advisors are *young*. And inexperienced. I told Alicia that I'll be volunteering more most likely, as well as spent an hour throwing fundraising ideas at her tonight.

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