Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Tuesdays should not be this anger-inducing

Man, I just want today to be over with. Something I ate made me sick, so the first two-thirds of today was spent in a lot of pain and discomfort. Not a whole lot got done as a result, though I did finally watch Outlander from Saturday (not my favorite episode, to be honest) and I got my ficlet posted at camelot_drabble.

Alicia's ankle is still bothering her. Tryouts for assistant drum major on Thursday are not going to be fun. However, the girl who is assistant now (who is moving up to head drum major next year) is one of Alicia's best friends, and did everything she could to help prep Alicia for the interview part of the process after school today since Alicia is her choice (and frankly, the best candidate, and no, that's not me being a proud mama). Oh, and Alicia decided to try for a position on the band council as well, so that interview was today, too. Oh, and she got class treasurer for next year, which has already started up with responsibilities. Next Monday is some auction thing she needs to help run to help raise funds for something that happens their junior year. Which I just found out about this morning. At least it's not on a night she has class over at the community college.

I'm pretty mad at my community right now. They just voted not to support the benefit assessment for our local fire department, which means drastic cuts. For this area of 100,000 people, we will only be able to afford to have 9 firefighters and three trucks. It's a 40% reduction in an area that was already under serviced. PLUS, we're in a severe drought right now, entering peak fire season. And the main reason I'm seeing from all the idiots who voted no? They just don't want to pay more taxes. They think the money should be pulled from other programs, without understanding how it all works. They say we are already blindly giving our money away, so why should they give more? One guy actually said, "It's not going to help the response time I get, so why should I give them more money?" It's so indicative of the current culture of "me first" that is so prevalent all across the country, it makes me sick. It's the same mentality of the damn anti-vaxxers who refuse to acknowledge public responsibility and only care about themselves.

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