Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

People can be frustrating

I had to unfollow a college friend on FB today. I just can't take any more of her posts. When we were friends 25 years ago, she was Wiccan. We spent three years as friends, doing theater together, hanging out. She opened my mind up to a lot about the world because of her beliefs. When she found me on FB a couple years ago, she'd been "born again." Her words. And she sees everyone who won't listen to her as persecuting her rights and refusing to accept that they could be wrong and she could be right. Today, she wrote a massive comment in response to a throwaway article about catering gay weddings, and her selective morality about the entire issue finally pushed me over the edge.

I just honestly don't get it. She claims everyone has the right to do whatever they want, and yet, when I disagree with her on an issue, she can't agree to disagree and back off? We had an argument several months ago about nationalized health care. She's vehemently against it. I respect why. She has MS and got screwed over on her meds big time when everything changed. Her bitterness regarding the entire program makes sense and is probably completely justified. But instead of hearing me say how NHS in the UK saved mine and Alex's lives, that I 100% supported it and would no matter what she said, and that we would just have to agree to disagree because I respected her opinion on the matter but it wasn't going to change my experience, she spent three hours and a dozen more comments trying to engage me in a fight to change my mind.

People like that are a waste of energy. There are far more important things in my life for me to focus on than to worry about what a woman I probably don't know anymore thinks. She's not the open-minded, free-spirited, generous girl I once knew. I miss that girl. I won't miss the woman she became.

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