Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The weekend isn't really over yet

My weekend is not over. The kids both have tomorrow off, which just seems weird to me. But it's been a mostly relaxing weekend anyway, lots of family time with only minor drama (because of more time spent together than we're used to, oops).

My temper might be a little short, too, because my stupid knees are clicking. They don't hurt, but the clicking has been happening when I walk for about a week now. The lower body weights I've been doing at the gym have been focusing on thighs and hips, so I can't imagine they're the culprit. I'm going on the assumption I just need to strengthen the muscles, so tomorrow I'm starting knee exercises. Not weights yet, just resistance band exercises for the most part. Fingers crossed it helps.

On the plus side, our local farmer's market has been open for a few weeks, and I was finally able to get down there yesterday. Fruit is limited to berries and oranges right now, but I was able to get some gorgeous kale and beets. I wonder how the effects of the drought are going to play out for our local farms, to be honest. I worry for California. How anyone can say climate change isn't a real thing, I have no idea.

Outlander and Mad Men are both on my DVR, unwatched. I'm saving Outlander for Tuesday after the kids go back to school, and Mad Men will get seen when I can fit it in. I'll consider both treats.

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