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Surprise weekend plans

Tomorrow is Craig's birthday, but we'd originally planned on just having a quiet weekend in, with me pampering him and taking it easy.

Well, my MIL called this morning, offering to take the kids so that Craig and I could spend the weekend in London. We'd gotten vouchers for a wine tasting in the city at Christmas time and haven't had the chance to use them yet and she figured we could do it now. So...tomorrow morning we head into the city. Craig wants to do 2 shows---a matinee and an evening---then we'll spend the night, shop on Sunday before the tasting, spend 3 hours with various wines before heading back to his parents' to crash there. I don't know how I managed to get 2 weekends in London back to back, but I'm not going to argue.

Now, I just have to go and book the hotel and shows. Whee!

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