Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'll take Wednesdays like this one more often, please

Craig took today and tomorrow off to spend with the family since the kids are on break, though we're not really doing a whole lot special. Today, he and Alicia spent some time working on this robot model thing they'd purchased (I have no idea, this is there thing, I just know it's got funky wheels), and we watched Divergent tonight in preparation for seeing Insurgent tomorrow. He hadn't seen it at all or read the books, but he's game to watch just about anything. As for me, it's got Theo James in it. He makes everything more watchable.

We have shopping to do tomorrow, too. Craig's taking Alicia to get a MacBook Air, and we've got swimsuit shopping to accomplish. Alex has grown six inches since August, so needless to say, his suit from last summer doesn't fit. I just hope he didn't hurt anything trying to get it off. Alicia needs a new one, too, and because I'm planning on adding swimming to my exercise routine, I splurged and ordered a couple today since I won't wear tankinis at the gym since the tops never stay down, lol.

Oh, another thing I bought today? This urban fantasy with its sixtysomething heroine, a magic user who retired and is dragged back into the biz. How can I not want to read a story like that?

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