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Spring Break has totally confused my kids about what day of the week it is

I am about ready to give up on tofu. I made the spinach and mushroom lasagna out of the Thug Kitchen cookbook tonight, and because it's a vegan cookbook, instead of cheese it had a tofu ricotta filling. Not a fan of it. Alicia liked it, but the rest of us were all pretty much meh. Especially for the amount of work involved. Totally not worth it for me to repeat, plus I'm not going to bother with the ravioli recipe that it has since it uses the tofu ricotta as a filling.

Well. Maybe I'm not ready to give up on it yet. There are a couple other ways of cooking it in the book that look interesting, and since it wasn't the taste of the tofu that bugged me (it uses ground sunflower seeds as a binder, and that's literally all I could taste), I'll try again. Still. I don't have high hopes.

Other than that...Alicia's softball team won their tournament today, and she rocked 1st base. I've missed her playing first. She totally downplays it, saying anybody can do it, but seriously, she's great at it. Long stretch, a lead foot that doesn't leave the bag...she and the 2nd baseman were the biggest reason they shut out the other team 3-0 to win.

Speaking of Alicia...she wants to watch a really super scary movie. Which I don't do well. I terrify easily, so I've only seen a few (and most of those freaked me out). She asked me about what movies scared me (especially since the extended trailer for the new Poltergeist totally got me), and everything I came up with is older. Like the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Craig thinks she should watch Hellraiser. Or Child's Play. But again, we're looking at older films. I'm afraid to watch something newer because she's insisting I watch it with her. See my conundrum? What would you do or suggest?
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