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Catching up on TV

Catching up on TV...

I loved this show as so much cracky fun when it premiered, and I know its ratings are only going up, but the last few episodes and the finale were just not that good. They're not even trying to give anything any depth. A problem is introduced and by the next episode, it's gone. Like Lola. Like Malcolm. (I mean, come on. He's ex-military, has worked for the government, and wants to move a parolee across state lines? I don't think so.) I'll watch it next season, but I'm not sure how long I'll last.

Alicia and I watched the premiere, and she couldn't stop saying, "This is so sad." Overidentifying too much with the overachieving heroine and fearing having it all ripped away from her, lol. It's not awful, so we'll try another episode or two before we make a decision.

We've started watching S2 of Broadchurch, which has me all kinds of excited because of all the new people they've got on it. Call the Midwife starts on PBS in a little over a week, which Craig is chomping at the bit for. And then we get Outlander in a few weeks, woo hoo!

I really watch too much TV, lol.
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