Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

At least I'm here

I've arrived in San Antonio after a VERY long day and a VERY turbulent flight. And no offense, but some people in Texas really are very scary. I had a layover in Houston and there were four older people sitting across from me - 1 woman & 3 men - who spent 45 minutes discussing more militant ways to stop "those damn Mexicans" from crossing borders and selling drugs to all our kids, how Austin was ruining the state by encouraging all the bad behaviors it saw in California, and then openly deriding a young guy wearing make-up and club clothes as the very reason why being gay was so wrong. And then when Anderson Cooper came on the TV behind me to talk about the police chef in Ferguson resigning? The racist comments that came out with that still make me shudder.

Seriously. I know California gets slammed all the time for going too far onto the liberal bandwagon, but I'll still take that over any of the trash these people were spouting any day of the week.

Then, I got to my room 10 minutes before room service stopped serving dinner and switched to a night menu that literally has four things on it, and nobody answered the phone until 11 minutes later. I even called the front desk to complain about it. I was livid after the day I had. I might've been a tad short with the girl when she finally picked up, and she sent me a piece of cheesecake in apology with the pizza I ordered (pizza I didn't really want but I hadn't consumed anything but a mountain dew in twelve hours so I took what I could get).

I have tomorrow off before the convention begins on Friday morning. They have a nice spa in the hotel. I'm seriously considering indulging.

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