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Schedule, schedule

Next week this time, I'll be in San Antonio. I leave on Wednesday to attend a conference which ends in an awards banquet where one of my novellas is a finalist in the erotica category. It's a very small, intimate conference, at a great hotel, so I envision three relaxing days, to be honest. I'll go to a couple panels, but I don't really think I'll know anybody there, so the rest of my time will be chilling in my room and writing. Plus, an excuse to get dressed up for the awards ceremony. That's always nice.

That means I'm doing what I can now to prep my family for my brief absence. Alicia had a home game after school, so I went and watched that since I'll miss a tournament and another game while I'm gone. They won, 9-2. Not too shabby. Did I mention she's running for class treasurer for next year? Like she really needs something else to add to her agenda, but it makes her happy and will look good on her transcript, so I'm supporting it all the way.

One of these days, I should tell you guys the whole list of what she's involved in. She makes me feel like a slacker.

We're also going to see the high school's production of Little Shop of Horrors at some point this weekend, and I just found out today that they're doing The Music Man at one of my favorite theaters so that's getting added to the schedule.

Oh! Something else on my schedule. I'm getting a visit in my May from the half-sister I've not seen since she was 2. It's the one that reached out to me and my sisters last fall, my (absentee) father's daughter from his second (still ongoing) marriage. She's coming to California with her new husband for a week or so, and asked for a visit. She'll be here for the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. I'm a little nervous about it, mostly because I'm afraid of her bringing up the topic of our father (she's been very good about honoring my request not to discuss him so far, but our conversations haven't lasted for a day and a half like this visit will be), but it sounds like she's more nervous than I am. She's young, in her mid 20s, and she grew up with only her older brother who's a decade older than she is, so it's understandable. I hope that fades after she meets me in person. I don't feel any ill will toward her, and I've told her that, but it'll probably take spending time together in real life to truly allay those fears.
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