Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

This Monday didn't suck

Man, my Oscar predictions this year were terrible. It was my worst year since 2005. I got three of the six biggies, and I can't really be surprised by Redmayne's win, but I'd put my money on Keaton getting the sentimentality/token nod for Birdman votes instead of it going the other way around. Plus, I never saw Linklater losing. Ever. I've been convinced he had it sewn up since before the nominations were announced. *sigh*

On the good news front, Alicia made the freshman/sophomore softball team at the high school. The coach told her the only reason she's not on JV is because he needs another pitcher for the frosh/soph team. Which is actually pretty good because it means she'll get a lot more play time than if she was on JV at this point. She's excited, to say the least. They have their first scrimmage already this weekend.

And it looks like we might be going to Seattle for a while this summer. Alex's SAT scores qualified him for the more advanced courses in the Johns Hopkins program this summer, and the one he's most interested in is cryptology. Since Craig's company has an office in Seattle, I could go up and see it for the first time without having to pay for a hotel or travel. Alicia's a little annoyed that she didn't try harder so she could take one of the advanced courses (there's a biotechnology class that she's desperate to take, apparently), but since there's a possibility she won't even be able to take a course this summer anyway, it's not that big of a deal. (She's fairly confident she's going to be the new assistant drum major, which will mean going to drum major camp this summer. Who even knew there was such a thing?)

Not too bad for a Monday. Even with my crappy Oscar predictions.
Tags: alex, alicia, oscars

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