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So camelotremix assignments have gone out. I've been having a minor panic attack for the past two days about it. I have no idea what to do with the author I got.

I can't go into details about why since it's anonymous, so I'm hoping to get my insecurities resolved sufficiently so I can fix this panic on my own. Mostly, I think I'm still unsure what exactly constitutes a remix. I've gone through and read a ton of stuff on what exactly a remix is about. Fanfic about fanfic. I went and read most of last year's entries, too, trying to get a feel for what other people do. The biggest advice is that you don't want to feel like you just read the same story all over again if you're reading the two back to back. And there are ways of doing this. Changing POV. Changing tone. Figuring out what the main theme/point of the story is and running from there.

For my purposes, changing POV probably isn't going to work as an option. Tone is going to be hard, too, though I don't think completely impossible. I might have a couple ideas, but at least one of them seems more like a sequel and from what I can gather, that doesn't really count as being a remix.

Anyone want to talk about their process when doing remixes?
Tags: fic, remix

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